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Ava Comissiong- Featured Teacher November 2017

The Essentials

Name: Ava Comissiong

Prefers not to be called: Eva

Place of birth: Born in Barbados, but family is from Grenada

Raised: Ava moved to the United States from Grenada with her family at the age of 7. Ava's parents presently live In Toronto, so this is what she now calls "home".

Birth Date: April 30

Education: Studied dance at Alvin Ailey. Graduated with BA in economics from FSU

Dance Background: Ava is professional dancer trained in ballet, modern, and jazz. She has danced with recording artists, as well as performed in TV commercials, and in film.

Four-Legged Family Member: A Lab-Pit mix named Apple. Ava is clear, She's the Best dog in the world!

The Pilates Life

How Did You Find and Fall in LOVE with Pilates?

I didn’t find Pilates, it found me. Pilates has been part of life for over 15 years. I originally discovered it while I was training as a dancer at Alvin Alley, where it was part of the curriculum. And, Thank GOODNESS it was, because early on in my dance career I had an injury to my spine. I was able to quickly and fully heal myself because I already developed strong muscles that supported my spine. Later, while on a tour with the singer Chayanne I suffered what I called 'my career ending ankle injury. Again, my Pilates practiced saved the day. It was during this rehabilitation period that I decided to pursue becoming a certified Pilates teacher. I have now been teaching for over 5 years, and due to my Pilates practice I was able to return to my dance. You can catch me jetting to dance and acting auditions in between teaching classes! Most recently you can catch me in a Hulu commercial and recent episode of Bosch.

What is your favorite Pilates move?

Ava Comissiong abs reformer

*click the picture above to view instructions on how to do the exercise

What is your "trouble spot"?

Because of my above mentioned back injury, where I fractured 2 thoracic vertebrae back extension work is very hard for me. I have to move gingerly through all back extension moves, for example Climb-A-Tree on the shortbox.

What is your ideal client/student like?

My ideal client is someone who has mind -body awareness. Once a person understands how their body is supposed to move, you can give them any exercise and they can approach it safely.

Also, when you come to my class be open to anything! I love to change up my classes (even if it's subtle) to keep your minds and bodies nimble !

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