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Form & Function: Tight Upper Back & Neck

Tight upper back & neck

Do you find that you have stiffness in your upper back, or your neck doesn't rotate as easily as it once used to? This stiffness is your body's way of telling you more problems are on the way if you don't get mobile soon. Future symptoms that could develop are nerve impingement, causing numbness, tingling and loss of dexterity in the lower extremity of your arm and hand. A development or increased level of headaches and tension spasms in the head and neck is caused by a reduced supply of blood to the head. More serous conditions could exist like cervical stenosis, or degenerate disc disease (DDD). Note: if you are already experiencing any of the symptoms listed above go see your medical doctor immediately, to rule out stenosis, DDD, bulging disc or other serious conditions.

To keep a healthy back and neck mobility, here are few simple daily exercises and stretches you can do:

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