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Your Daily Move: Single Straight Leg Stretch

photo credit: Madison Swart Photography / Instagram: @madisonswart / Facebook: @madisonswartphotography

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Targets strengthening your abdominals, stabilizing your torso and stretching your hamstrings


· Lie on your back, on your mat

· Draw your knees in towards your chest

· Curl your head and shoulders off the mat

· Extend your right leg to the sky, and your let leg out at a 45’ angle.

· Place your hands behind your right ankle, drawing your leg toward you, feel the stretch in your hamstring

· Legs may be turned out or in parallel

· Abdominal-wall stays drawn in throughout move (“navel to spine”), not allowing the lower back to arch away from the mat


· Pulse right leg in twice

· Scissor switch the legs, place hands behind the left ankle

· As your legs scissor do not allow your torso to lower

· Pulse left leg in twice

· 10 Repetitions

Trainer Tip:

· If your back begins to arch keep lower leg up higher then 45’

· As your abdominals get stronger lower your leg down past 45’

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