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Form & Function: Posture Fix (Slouching Rounded Shoulders)

Posture Fix: Slouching Rounded Shoulders

Do you desire to have tall elegant posture, and/or to look confident and relaxed when you walk into a room? Both desires can be achieved by reversing poor upper body posture.

Due to excessive computer use, bowing our heads to look down at our smartphones, and even lying in bed binging out one the newest cable TV show all aide in forcing our upper body into a bad posture habit. This happens because in these positions the upper back extensor muscles of our cervical and thoracic spines become elongated and weak, while the opposing muscles of the chest (the pectoralis minor and major) become short and tight.

To help relieve this poor posture position, do these stretches for your chest every day. It is recommended that you do them throughout your day, and even do them once an hour while at your desk.

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