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The Gift of 2018

It is the dawn of 2018. On this quiet morning, I sit by the hearth, mesmerized by the dance of a crackling fire. There is something soothing, almost meditative about the way the flames work around and through the logs, something cleansing about it. I decide to do a bit of my own, internal cleansing, and visualize throwing the negativity of 2017 into that fire, the upsets, the sadness I have been dragging around for far too long. Time to say goodbye. Each flick of the flames releases that which no longer serves me, burning it up, disintegrating it. Then the smoke carries it all to the ethers… Gone.

I am left with a deep sense of peace. The house is quiet; no one else is stirring. I sit alone in the stillness with the new nothingness.

365 new days ahead. 365 new days to fill. 365 new days to create. A warmth begins at my solar plexus and spreads up and onto my lips. It takes the form of a smile and erupts into a giggle, which falls on the ears of no one but myself. The year is laid out in front of me, fresh, virtually empty. The excitement within continues to grow and I feel effervescent. It’s as though Santa Clause himself has presented me an empty box and asked, “What gifts would you like to fill it with?” It’s an excellent question, and one that deserves to be considered thoughtfully. What do I truly want to see in that box?

I ponder for a few minutes, but my mind continues to return to one singular intention…

This is the year I plan to become a mother. There will be the incredible gift of our baby, a new role and the responsibility of motherhood. I will need to introduce a nanny into my inner circle, to trust and learn to lean into them so I can still have my professional dreams. This is my biggest undertaking for 2018. What’s yours? If it’s not clear, what is holding you back from that clarity?

Will you let anger, sadness, and resentment dominate your year? Or, will you fill it with kindness, joy, and patience? What will you achieve? What people would you like to call into your life? What love will you call in, or offer out? With what intention will you pursue your career? How? Who will you be in the face of obstacles, how graciously will you accept when things turn out differently than you desired? The answer to each of these questions is a choice, and each choice is a present you give yourself. You get to decide the contents of your year. You get to decide contents of this, YOUR YEAR.

Join Juliet on Wednesday January 24th for

Create Your 2018 Vision

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