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Adios Laura!

In our January Newsletter, you may recall we revealed that our LOVED Laura Konz was moving to Spain- well it is now longer future news it is present day news. Her last day is Friday May 18th. Make sure to get in to one of her popular classes and say good bye! If you know Spanish only speak Spanish to her, as she is in a mad crunch to be fluent by the time she arrives!

Oh how we will miss her....

We will miss Laura’s effervescence and kind spirit that’s consistently able to see the best in people, give them the benefit of the doubt, and generously laugh at even the silliest jokes-in-progress— oh, and her hair inspo. But there’s her instagram for that. -Elisabeth Hower We will miss her kindhearted spirit and her willingness to always take charge when need be and always do it with a smile -Megan St. James

We will miss her exuberant heartfelt laughter while she works with her private clients. Hearing her laugh makes my soul happy! -Marissa Aladro We'll miss Laura's calm and positive energy. Whenever we chat I always feel more grounded. She is always sweet and caring and I'm so excited for her to take on Barcelona!. -Ava Her beautiful smile and laugh, Oh... and practicing our español! -Chris Reuter That's easy....I will miss her laugh! -Christian Cosden

We will miss Laura’s ever shining positive energy and warmth as well as her contagious smile. Not only is she a great instructor that will be missed, she is also a wonderful friend with a heart of gold. -Alex Gordon

We'll miss Laura's big smile and positive vibes! -Roger Yamanaka

We will miss Laura's bright spirit, positive energy, and calming presence. Laura is the definition of 'friend' and I love her much. See you in Barcelona. -Sara Lindsey

We will miss our bright eyed, radiant source of positivity! I will miss seeing my student, my teacher and my friend every day, and our never ending dance of hats. - Juliet Kaska

Laura- We hope you are clear how much you mean to all of us, and how much we will miss your presence! Now go and have the most amazing life adventure!!!

We love you

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