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Eeda Charbonneau Featured Teacher August 2018

The Essentials:

Name: Eeda Charbonneau

Place of Birth: Riga, Latvia

Raised: Arrived in the United States at 14 years old

Birthdate: January 15


Trained in Russia in classical dance and ballet

Cal-Arts studied music & dance.

Pilates Life

Before becoming a Pilates Teacher I was a professional violinist for 25 years. My Pilates certification came from a renowned instructor, Marie Jose Bloom- Lawrence at Long Beach Dance Conditioning sixteen years ago. I continued my education by becoming trained in the GYROTONIC Expansion System Method, which has continued to enhance and enrich my Pilates practice and teaching.

My Motivation to be a Pilates Instructor

My first introduction to this form of exercise came from a dancer I met in a class, who herself was a Pilates instructor. Through her instruction I discovered the many therapeutic benefits of creating fitness through graceful dance-like movements. Suffering many injuries as a professional violinist, I found the Pilates Method to be the best form of physical therapy.

My Teaching Approach

Enhancing flexibility, strengthening the core and lengthening the spine are my ultimate goals when teaching classes. I want clients to look and feel taller, slimmer and more energized when they finish a session. I believe providing individual attention, as much as possible, is the key to teaching correct form to get the best results. I use a variety of rhythmic music to create an encouraging atmosphere.

You can take group Reformer classes with Eeda on Wednesdays & Fridays at 8:30AM Level 2 & 9:30AM Level 1. She is also available for private lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. If you haven't taken advantage of our introductory rate for privates- it' s not late, 3 private lessons for $185.00.

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