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Daily Move: Backstroke on the Reformer

Springs: 2Red- 1Red

Starting Position:

Place the box on the carriage in long box position

Lay supine (on your back) on the box, with the tops of your shoulders and head off the box in extension. Your knees are in tabletop position (pictured) or drawn in towards your chest.The loops are in your hands. Bring the top of your fists together above your chest with the fingers facing you. (Photo1)


  • On an exhale draw your abs and ribs in to lift your head and chest up into flexion.

  • In synchronization extend your arms and legs straight up to the ceiling, feeling the energy reach straight up to the ceiling while maintaining that chest flexion. (photo 2)

Open arms to shoulder width at the same time open legs to hip width a part.

Simultaneously circle the arms and legs down and around until the legs join, and the arms are hovering just above your thighs. (photo 3)

  • Bring the arms and legs back in to the start position as you draw your abdominals in deeper and curl up higher.

  • Repeat 3x's-then REVERSE!!!!

Teacher Tip:

Keep lower back imprinted throughout exercise. Legs can go as low as you can maintain the imprint of lower back.

Thank you the the lovely Valerie Heckel for modeling Backstroke on the Reformer for us!

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