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Will the Fall Equinox Bring Inner Peace

I read my good friend Annette's blog post yesterday, Will the Fall Equinox Bring Inner Peace. I immediately emailed her saying, "Can I steal your post for my newsletter? It is almost exactly my rambling-wondering thoughts, but written succinctly and concisely written by you". So here it is, my thoughts as written by Annette. Check out Annette's page. She writes and advocates for women and outdoor lifestyles, hiking, camping, empowerment and retreats.

And just like that, fall has arrived. The Equinox was last weekend, which is when the center of the Sun is directly above the equator. Daytime and nighttime were equal, and the days are getting shorter. The summer was hot, and autumn cools us off. This transition not only means we pull out extra sweaters (and down vests!!!!) from the hallway closet, but means we can take a step back from the excitement and heat of the summer. The cooler weather encourages us to go inward. For this equinox, my intention is to focus on inner peace. As the days get shorter, the nights start to creep in on us. People feel a deeper spiritual connection with fall more than any other season - it represents both harvest and death. Think of it this way: during the winter solstice, the year is born. When we transition into the spring equinox, the year is still maturing. The year is in the prime during the summer solstice, followed by the autumnal equinox and older age. In the winter solstice, the year dies and is also reborn. The crisp air is perfect for long walks, especially when you can step on fallen leaves and hear the "crunch." That my friends is a mediation right there. Could be 5 minutes, could be 2 hours. You decide. XXoo Annette (and Juliet too!)

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