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A Journey Begins, as Another Concludes.

Last weekend kicked of our next Teacher Training & Certification program. These 9 ladies, and myself embarked on a 6 month journey together.

I tell each class, "It's like we are going on a road trip together for 6 months. We get onto this 'bus' as 10 strangers. We will see & learn many things along the way. Some of us may need to take rest stops along the way, but we will pick them up again. LIFE will happen during this trip. Experiences will come up that we can not yet imagine. We will have to LEARN how to carry on, even as life throws things at us. We have a GOAL we will reach our destination It will be a CHALLENGING trip at times. Sometimes it will just be plane old HARD. It will also be FUN. We will LAUGH. More then likely there will be TEARS. Tears of JOY, tears of EMPATHY, tears from expanding oneself bigger then then they know themselves to be. We will BOND through all of this. We will arrive at our DESTINATION. By the time we arrive we will each have EVOLVED. We will no longer be strangers, we will be a PILATES FAMILY".

Welcome Class of 2019:

Bernadette, Dani, Donna, Erin, Heagan, Krysten,

Sabrina, Samira & Trish

As the class of 2019 was setting off on their journey, the class of 2018 was pulling up at their destination. They have arrived! LIFE did happen along the way. Wow did it happen! It was a bumpy road at times, but these champions held on tight and persevered. At times they united to carry and champion one another over the hurtles, and through the pitfalls. BONDS were made. Lifetime FRIENDSHIPS were started. TEARS definitely flowed. Everyone developed their EMPATHY muscles, and their physical muscles. They GREW as people, and shrunk in size. Everyone EVOLVED. Some don't even recognize themselves anymore. TRANSFORMATION occurred. They have arrived at their DESTINATION part of a PILATES FAMILY. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Congratulations Class of 2018:

Caroline, Christina, Courtney, Janet, Jennifer, Marissa, Megan,

Laura, Rebecca, & Valerie

"So much more then a certification program"

-Marissa, 2018 Graduate

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