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Letter from JK/October Newsletter

Busy Busy Busy....It absolutely amazes me how life leaps into 5th gear this time of year. Kids are back in school and parents get back to taking care of themselves. Therefore, studio is pumping! We love having everyone back in their routine with us. The winter holidays are right around the corner, and once again many of us will get knocked off our routines. Have no fear, we got you covered!!! Our Pilates & Gratitude Challenge starts just in time to help you stay on top of taking care of YOU, fending off the holiday bulge, and of course finding gratitude for all that you have & all that you are. This year the winner there will be 1 lucky, fit, commited student who will win 1 month of UNLIMITED PILATES. It could be you!!! Challenge starts November 1st!

If you really cannot make the Challenge work in your schedule this year, make a personal challenge- of course share it with us, we would love to hear!

You could add in one more Pilates lesson a week, or do a daily home challenge for yourself. What if you did all our daily moves at home (the ones that don't require a Reformer) for the whole month November. Speaking of the Daily Move this months move, demonstrated by the newly, Pilates certified teacher, Valerie Heckel, is the Backstroke, This is a challenging exercise, that can allude clients in group classes because of the amount of detail and focus it requires. The description and photos will help you maximize the benefit. If you take privates, ask your teacher to teach it to you. It 's amazing for your core, arms, back and concentration. Transition right into Teaser and really feel the burn, sweat and focus kick in!

You know who has been burning, sweating and FOCUSED? The teacher's in training, thats who!!!! Check out what the 2018 class is up to, and who has joined our 2019 class.

One of our 2016 graduates has some exciting news to share with all of us, click here to find out the good news!

So much to celebrate!!!!

I'll leave you with this, as our emotions run high, with celebrations, changing of seasons, and the holidays, take the time to find "you" time- fill up your reserves of inner peace & self love, so you can be the most grounded, present and happy version of yourself this holiday season. If you missed the blog post about this, that I stole- I mean shared from my friend Annette click here.

xo ~Juliet

PS. Don't miss our lowest group class price promotion of the year!!!!!

PSS. We are hiring-someone creative!!!

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