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Daily Move: Arabesque on the Reformer

Arabesque on the Reformer

Set up:

Footbar is up and locked.

Springs are on 2Red, 1Red1Blue,

1 Red1Yellow, 1 Red or 1 Blue

Starting Position:

Your feet are in releve with heels against the shoulder blocks. Hands are on the Footbar, shoulder width apart. Your upper body is in one long line, energy reaching from the crown of your head. Your hips are above your heels. Your knees are lifted. Keep your naval drawn in towards your spine throughout the move.

Keep energy reaching out of the crown of your head and out through your legs, during the entire exercise.


While keeping the upper body strong and stable lift one leg slicing straight through the headrest (midline) and lift it up and away from your body. Making sure you keep the weight even on each of your arms. Your lifted leg will externally rotate (toes up to the ceiling), opening up that hip. On an inhale press the carriage back. As you move back don't let your shoulders or shoulder blades rise up toward your ears. On the exhale use your abdominals to draw the carriage back in to the stopper. Repeat 3-8x's, then switch legs and repeat :)

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