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Letter from JK/ January Newsletter

Bye-Bye 2018. Hello 2019! I am very happy to see you New Year. You are so full of hope, possibility and all that is to come.

What will unfold for each of us in this Zen community in 2019? I cannot imagine, it is impossible to stand in the present and know what the future holds. Or is it? So, I turned back the hands of time to see what was mentioned 1 year ago in our Jan 2018 newsletter to see if what we said then had come true.

Memory Lane: Chris Ann did get married, on November 17, 2018. She is now Mrs. Chris Ann Diaz. Laura did reveal some pretty big news- she was leaving us. Then she through us a curve ball after we all cried, said our goodbyes and had moved on, she came back. Shocker, didn't see that one coming.

Megan did graduate from university, then she shocked us when she registered into our Pilates teacher training program. She is now teaching Pilates at Equinox in Culver City Congratulations!!! We did launch our second teacher training program. Then I shocked myself, and others, when I decided to do another one right on the heels of the previous one. We did have our new 2018 class schedule (not much of stretch on that one), but we were shocked in July when a longstanding neighborhood Pilates studio shut its doors. We were blessed to inherit their star teacher Eeda Charbonneau. We did roll out JK Zen Wellness, but did not roll out all the intended programs. I was shocked to find out how hard it was to launch a third venture, duh! Puppies & Pilates was not as easy an undertaking as was thought, thus that did not happen. And, last of all from our 2018 vision; sadly, I report that I am still not a mommy. Hope is alive. 2019 is mine and Simon's year to become parents together...I predict the return of Prenatal Reformer classes to Zen in 2019 J

Standing here in 2019 looking back to one year ago, we had many "dids", many "shocks" and a couple of "nots".

I cannot wait to look back on all that occurred this year, when I sit down to write the 2020 newsletter. I am personally making my entire 2019 about raising my personal bar on being the healthiest version of myself. Healthy in my mind, my spirit, my relationships, my personal environments, and my body. What are you up to in 2019- how do you want to see yourself in in 2020? We would love to hear what you are up to this year. If you would like to work on creating your 2019 vision join me on January 30th, for a Manifest Your 2019 Vision boarding workshop.

Happy New Year Zen'ers!

Xo Juliet

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