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The Zen Den/February Newsletter

Getting the Most out of Your Pilates at Zen Fitness-

we want your feedback Zen Fam

Zen Fam we are updating our new client email and wanted your input on what else we should include to both welcome new people into our community and to get them quickly up to speed with our ways. This email will be sent out after they have already received a "Welcome" email with all the pertinent details. Take a read, and send us any ideas or additions you may have.

We hope you enjoyed your first class at our little Zen haven on the 8th floor of Robertson Plaza. Did you know we are lucky enough to get sunset and sunrise views from left (east) and the right (west). And, downstairs, in the courtyard is the award winning Blue Bottle coffee. Check them out and tell them Marissa from the Pilates studio sent you, they love her and therefore will mot likely love you automatically .

Join our Pilates family for as long as you like. We have a lovely community, full of diverse, kind and conscientious people. Many of our clients have been with us since we opened our doors in 2010. We call our long-standing clients, our 'foundation clients', we hope you become one as well. We suggest you grab a Reformer next to one of them, not only is their Pilates practice strong, but if you let them know you are new they will most likely give you guidance and reassurance. The first few classes can be challenging as you learn a new machine, your body and practically a new language. "Where is my neutral pelvis" you may even be thinking right now, and "How do I articulate my spine". We promise you it will all begin to make sense, and that it is confusing to everyone the first time. Soon you will become the seasoned student that a new person is turning to for guidance.

If you would like some more personalized instructions we offer all students a one-time discounted rate on 3 private sessions for just this purpose. The front desk can set you up with these sessions.

Here at Zen we pride ourselves on creating a harmonious environment. We hope you enjoy this experience. In order to continue this, we ask that you adhere to our customs.

Get the most out of your zen time, and create some zen

  • Turn all electronics including phone and your Apple Watch to silent while in class.

  • Arrive for group class 5-10 minutes early.

  • Place your personal items in the cubbies not on the floor around your Reformer

  • If on the off chance, you are running late call us, we will hold your Reformer for you.

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late, you may not be allowed to take the class. This is both for your safety and to not disrupt the flow for the rest of the students.

  • We encourage you to wear sticky socks during class.

  • We hope you make friends here and/or bring your friends to class, but chatting and commenting to them during class is not kind or considerate to the teacher or to other students.

  • You cannot reserve a specific Reformer, but feel free to have your favorite one and then arrive early to ensure you get to use it. But sometimes it's nice to mix it up and share.

  • Music and the volume it is played is chosen by the teacher. After class feel free to give them suggestions of songs you like to hear. It is their class and their playlist so they get to make the final decision.

  • We require you to take a minimum of 10 level 1 classes at our studio before taking a level 2. Level 2 does not mean you will get stronger faster. In fact, just the opposite. A true Pilates pro knows how to make the simplest move harder by going deeper. Learn how to connect and do the movements and principles correctly, only then go to level 2.

  • We love dogs! I mean we really Love dogs. It's an actual interview consideration before being hired. With that said we ask that you leave your dog at home. Metta and Sage "live" here at Zen and too many pups creates chaos and puppy tensions. If you have a service animal with the proper documentation please notify us ahead of time so we can have our pups prepared.

  • After class has ended clean off your Reformer, box and any props used in class. Place all props back into the basket to the right side or you Reformer (If you're looking at the Reformer it is your left side). Return your loops to the pegs, the springs to 3 red, the footbar to the middle-locked shelf, and place your box back on top of your carriage.

  • Be kind and considerate to your teacher, your fellow students and our front desk Zen Crew.

Want the most out of your Pilates sessions? Try the following.

  • "Above all else learn to breath correctly" -Joseph Pilates. Master the Pilates breathing technique of lateral breathing. Click here to watch a tutorial.

  • Connect your exhale with the exertion portion of the movement

  • There 6 classical principles in The Pilates Method: Breathing, Control, Centering, Concentration, Flow and Precision, additionally we have Balanced Muscle Development, Whole Body Movement, and at Zen we add in Harmony. Ask yourself in each movement if you are achieving all of these, or at least the first 6.

  • Never move in Pilates without first engaging your core- aka Power House. Make every movement come from the Power House first.

  • Look for the detailed, minute connections and movements of your body versus the big actions.

  • Be gentle and kind to yourself.

  • Pilates will change your life if you take the time to do it the right way.

Welcome, from your new Zen Fitness family

Juliet's New Fitness Videos ...

Juliet's new fitness videos with partner Vionic Shoes

went live in January. These are available for free for you to use at home, or anywhere you are. They are three 7-minute workouts to be done separately or one after the other to give you a full 21 minute full-body workout and stretch.

You will also see more familiar zen faces, as Laura and Pablo demonstrate alongside Juliet.

DIY Cold & Flue Prevention

Repost from January 2018

This flu season is shaping up to be the worst in over a decade, according to reports from the CDC. The vaccine has been ineffective against the most recent strain, and there have been over 54 pediatric flu-related deaths in the US alone. For comparison, at this same point in 2017, there were only 16 deaths. All the discussion surrounding it made me reflect on my last close encounter with the virus.

In August of 2016, Simon, my then-fiancé, his three young adult children and I traveled to a family wedding in London. Everyone got deathly ill with the flu but me.

We flew into Edinburgh ten days before the wedding. The plan was to road trip through Scotland and northern England before arriving in London two days before the wedding festivities began.

This was lovely; I'd get some prime family bonding time with my future stepchildren, we'd visit castles, shop and see the stunning Scotland countryside. Then we'd stop in Durham, England to visit with Simon's older brother, Richard, and his family.

The first leg of the trip was incredible; we loved every ounce of Scotland. On the way to Durham, however, the sniffles and coughing began. Imagine this...

Parking Tip

Did you know there is a FREE 2 hour parking lot near the studio? That's right 2 hours of parking, completely Free, no validation is needed. You have enough time to come to class, grab a cup of coffee at Blue Bottle and a new pair of jeans for your fine looking Pilates body at Intermix and still get back to your car before your 2 hours is up.

This parking gem is located just south of Alden on the opposite side of the street from Zen Fitness. If you hit Georgetown Cupcakes don't be tempted to go inside, and you have driven past the entrance to the lot.

141 S. Robertson Blvd 90048

The Downside of Optimism

by Juliet Kaska

It was the 4th, or was it the 5th day of rain? Either way I was awoken at 5AM with the sound of rain drops that seemed the size of rocks hitting the roof gutter. I pulled the pill over my head and snuggled deeper down under my cozy comforter. A few hours later as I prepared to walk Metta the sun was miraculously shinning. Joy filed me as I thought about walking in the warm sun rays, and knowing that the rain storm had final passed. I slid into my thin puffy coat and Ugg boats, no need to wear the rain coat and Hunter boots I had been living in. I petted Metta and attached him to his leash. We are about to walk out the front door when my sunglasses shout out to me, "Don't forget me. You will need me, it's sunny out". I gleefully grabbed them and slid them on my smiling face. Off we went.

As promised the sun shined, the air was cool and crisp and there was a pep in mine and Metta's step as we walked down the block. We were halfway down the street when I felt shockingly cold rain drops fall from the tree tops above. I shot an annoyed look up at the branches, but surprisingly there were no branches. There was no tree I realize right as a big drop plops square in the middle of my forehead! Noooooo! The sky opens and swallows my friend the sun, simultaneously letting lose a raindrop stamped upon us. If Metta could speak he would tell you he is allergic to the rain. This allergic reaction was never more evident as he tucked his ears down and glares up at me, similarly to how I did moments before to the nonexistent tree. I slid the sunglasses off my face laughing at my earlier optimism as Metta and I ran home. I longed for my raincoat and Hunter boots the whole way.

By the time, we arrived back my puffy and Metta's fur were soaked. Being drenched and cold.... to continuing reading click here

$10 Group Reformer Classes!

Work with one of our Teacher's In Training as they approach the end of their program. Classes will be between 2-3people they ate 45 minutes long on the Reformer. Classes are $10 and will run through March. They are listed in our online schedule as "$10 Reformer".

Valentine's Promo

5 Classes for $119

*restrictions apply

*sale ends 2/18/19

*limit 3 per client

*package expires 2 months after first use

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