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Th Uncomfortable Zone

Comfort zone- it’s so nice and safe in the comfort zone. It feels so good that becomes hard to leave it. I stepped out of mine this month- I am plan to step out of mine a lot this year.

I consider myself a fit and sporty type of person- I am strong. I am limber. I am agile. I am also quick, have good balance and am coordinated. All of this is true and real until balls start flying at me! ⚽ 🏀 🏈 🎾

The last time I played a sport (other then kickball) that involved balls was so long ago I have forgotten it. Until January 9, when I started my first ever tennis lessons. I was terrified that first day as I walked up to the court. I even thought maybe I should skip it, I’ve made a mistake registering. But, in keeping my pledge to myself to get uncomfortable I stayed. I pumped myself up with positive thoughts like; How bad could I be? I am a fitness professional I will be great!

Guess what?

I did suck!

I did NOT nail it!

In fact, I am the “worst” one in my class of four people. With that said, my form while marking the swings is stellar! There I accelerate- that is part of my comfort zone- form, movement & function!

But add in a ball moving through space, coming straight at me and all my comfort and knowledge evaporates.

I move like I have 2 left feet!

I am clumsy!

I am off balance!

In fact I was so bad I actually hit 8- yup 8 home runs!!! If you know anything or nothing about tennis you most likely know that there is no such thing as a home run in tennis- that is baseball. Another sport I am atrocious at. A home run is what I have termed anytime my 🎾 goes over up and over the VERY high court fence. Home run!

Early on in the night I heard, deep inside, a small insecure voice telling me to:

Sit down, don’t come back!

Say your ankle, wrist and/or brain hurts -anything to stop!

You’re embarrassing yourself - give up!

A younger different version of me would have done any or all of those things, to rush myself back to my warm comfortable zone. Instead I gave “her” a loving nod and I kept practicing. You know what happened? In between dozens and dozens of really bad ones. I hit 1 perfect shot! I know I will build on that one shot.

I smiled and laughed the entire class. I felt alive. It felt good to face into a challenge - it felt even better to not get crumbled by limiting childhood beliefs of myself.

I left the class feeling amazing and empowered!

When did you step out of your comfort zone last? Will you plan to step out at least once in 2020? Let’s support one another in getting uncomfortable- it’s so enlivening!

Let's live this life!

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