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Getting Ready for Your 1st Online Class with Zen Fit TV

Zen online! Virtual Classroom! What?!?! This is all new for us as well, so first off have no fear we are in this together. The important things to remember are to keep moving, stay healthy, remain at home and to laugh & smile daily

This week we launch our first ever classes online, Zen Fit TV. We plan to keep online classes going even after the studio has reopened, giving our community more opportunities to work out with us.



Here are 12 tips & hints for

setting yourself up for your first online class:

  1. Zoom. Download Zoom and set up an account before your first session. This doesn’t take long and is free.

  2. Device. Decide if you will be using a phone, tablet, laptop or Smart TV.

  3. Location. Establish where in your home you want to work out. Look for a quiet well-lit place.

  4. Camera. Position your camera higher then your mat. A good height is roughly 2-3 feet from the ground. Set it up to from the side or on the diagonal. These positions will give your teacher the best view of you from which to offer direction and personal coaching. If this is not possible prop up on the floor next to you.

  5. Sound. Wireless headphones like Air Pods area great- but not needed.

  6. Props. No props are required, but it is suggested to have a Pilates mat, or a padded surface. In your class description additional props may be mentioned, but are never required. Additional props could be: small hand weights, exercise bands, stretch band.

  7. Instruction. Your instructor can offer a great deal of feedback by looking through the lens at you. They will provide modifications and coaching to both the group and to individuals. If you don’t want personal instruction you can turn your camera to off.

  8. Your Wellbeing. As always, listen to your body and do what you feel is right for your health. If something doesn’t feel good stop.

  9. Grace. We ask for patience as we launch. The truth is we have almost no idea what we are doing here in the virtual land. But we have been diligently learning a lot and working hard to find out the best ways to take care of our community. We suspect there will bumps and adjustments over the next few weeks. We ask you to remain flexible and patient with us we strive to bring you the best.

  10. Technology Glitches. These will inevitably happen; your internet will be slow, or ours will be slow. If your teacher seems to freeze just give it a second and it will most likely adjust. If not check your internet connection. If your connection drops during class, you can log right back in with the same link.

  11. Virtual Room. Your microphone and camera will be on when you come in. You can turn them off if you want visual privacy. Keep in mind your teacher won’t be able to give you corrections if you turn camera off. If your camera and/or mic are off you can still see and hear the teacher. If you are running late, please don't announce yourself.

  12. Help. If you would like a little more hands-on help with your set up, email us at and we will do a tutorial with you online.

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