April 21, 2020

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Studio Updates due to COVID-19-as of July 1st🧤😷💕

July 1, 2020

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Online Pilates Class Must Haves ⭐️

April 15, 2020


These are the items the Zen TV team and I curated for you, to support you getting the most out of your home workouts with us. Many of these items we use at the studio and will be familiar for you. When we reopen you may decide you prefer to bring you own props with you to cut down on shared surfaces. These are the same brands we use at the studio. I have personally been using Balanced Body and SPRI® for 20 years with my clients and for my own fitness regime.  The items with a ⭐️ in front of them are our "Must Have List". This does not mean you have to have all of them or any of them to take our online classes. It is just what we are recommending if you wanted to add in a use the fitness props to your lesson.


Please drop me a personal email if you have any questions 



Be well, safe and healthy




                           ✨Spread Kindness, not the Virus✨

⭐️ ® 5-Foot Flat Band


This band and one of the balls are our #1 Must Have Pick for your home workouts with us on Zen Fit TV. The band can be used for deeper stretching, like in Juliet's Stretch & Breathe class, or can be used for arm, ab, leg and butt exercises in the Pilates Quarantine Style classes. An ideal purchase to enhance your Stretch & Breathe classes.

⭐️  Pilates Ball


An absolute favorite in Zen group classes. This product is on our short list of “Must Haves”, or it’s cousin from SPRI. The purple ball will cost a tad more but is more durable.

⭐️  Red Sponge Ball


A great alternative to the Ribbed Pilates Ball the size and workout will be the same the only difference is the red ball is a slightly cheaper and does not have the lasting power of the purpler ball.

⭐️ Ultra Fit Circle

We know that although you make that face when the teacher brings out the Magic circle, you love how it makes your abs, arms and inner thighs feel and look. An ideal piece of equipment for you home workouts and doing our virtual classes. When the studio reopens you can bring you circle to class with you for your personal use.


⭐️  Ultimate Booty Sculpt Kit

The name says it, "ultimate booty". These bands are outstanding for getting that extra burn in the booty and hip moves so many of us love. A pair of ankle weights could also work- but the band gives the resistance in both directions, a similar affect to what we get from the springs on the Reformer. The discs are an amazing tool to use to active the deep core and hip muscles many times making Pilates moves even more challenging then the Reformer. They are an absolute favorite with my private clients.

⭐️ Exercise Mat


I originally had the Mat listed as the #1 Must Have item, after all we are doing Mat Pilates and mat exercises, but then I thought if someone has a budget of about $30 dollars I would rather they use their carpet, or blankets & towels as their mat and invest in the ball and band. When buying a mat for Pilates you want to buy an exercise mat versus a Yoga mat. A yoga mat is thin and has a sticky quality to it, which is ideal for yoga not for Pilates. In Pilates and floor exercising you want a thicker cushion than a yoga mat can provide.

Free Weights


Not on the Must Have list but a close second. If you want a little extra arm pop then this is sage investment. I would recommend 2-8lbs or get a set of 3's and a set of 5's you can always combine them to make 8lbs.