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Overall, I felt that each instructor provided their own unique sense of personality to each class and all of their workouts. I really like that the option to choose a different instructor is readily available for each class, every single day. I felt that each instructor targeted different muscle groups and I noticed a new move being introduced in every class. I absolutely loved the closeness of these classes and enjoyed how comfortable the Pilates studio allowed for the one on one interactions with each client. These classes are reasonably priced and I would encourage and recommend JKZen Fitness to anyone looking to improve their overall health, well being and mental focus. Each member of the studio expressed their passion for living a healthy lifestyle and expressed awesome amounts of energy towards Pilates, Yoga and fitness in general.

Jessica L.

I love love love this place. The interior is immaculate and fresh (with WeHo views), super friendly cool staff, they are well equipped to help everyone meet their fitness goals. I tried a few intro Pilates lessons at a few different places and feel fortunate to have found JK Zen Fitness. The hour class flies by! Each instructor really cares and are very knowledgeable and sensitive to any condition a student may have. I can't say enough about the place. Each class is a thorough workout, I never feel like we skipped an area of the body. I could really feel a difference after 5 sessions, but I've waited to review them, I'm on 20+ sessions now and in much better shape!!
A special mention about Juliet the owner. "Nice" starts at the top. She teaches often and is accessible to everyone. Super knowledgeable, even beyond Pilates. Great person, great place!!

Lanae S.

Amazing boutique Pilates studio tucked away on the 8th floor of the Pacific Theaters building. The teachers are truly excellent. I thought I knew how to do Pilates... and then I took a few classes here and I really, truly understood how to do Pilates. The attention to form is impecable and the classes are really great for those seeking to improve posture, strength, and reduce back issues. I highly recommend this small studio!!

Michelle K.

This was my very first time trying a Pilates class and I have to say it was amazing!! This class is great for newcomers and beginners. My instructor, Alex, was really good at explaining each of the exercises. She made it easy to follow along and was very sweet and supportive. The workout itself was challenging and relaxing. I would highly recommend!

Nikki S.

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