Online Classes & Privates

Group Classes Online* with JK Zen Fit TV

             Singles Class: $20

             5 Class Package: $85

             10 Class Package: $150

                    *4hr cancelation policy. If you miss or cancel after 4hrs your class

will email you a recording of the class to use that day.

Private Virtual Lessons With or Without a Reformer

            5 Virtual Private Lessons (Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, Fitness or Yoga): $425**

           Email to get started

                    ** This rate applies for Zen Teachers, not for Zen Senior Teachers

Rent a Reformer for Your Home

While the studio is closed we are leasing our our Reformers for our clients use, with a commitment of 12 weeks.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about our leasing program email us at


Recommended Tools for an At-home Pilates Studio

⭐️ SPRI® 5-Foot Flat Band
⭐️ SPRI® 5-Foot Flat Band
⭐️  Pilates Ball
⭐️ Pilates Ball
⭐️  Red Sponge Ball
⭐️ Red Sponge Ball
⭐️ Ultra Fit Circle
⭐️ Ultra Fit Circle
⭐️  Ultimate Booty Sculpt Kit
⭐️ Ultimate Booty Sculpt Kit
⭐️ Exercise Mat
⭐️ Exercise Mat
Free Weights
Free Weights
Total Body Resistance Band Settotal
Total Body Resistance Band Set
Yoga Block
Yoga Block
Foam Roller
A wonderful tool for classes, as well as a great way to roll away the tension and knots in your body.An ideal purchase to enhance your Stretch & Breathe classes.
Large SPRI Ball
Large SPRI Ball
Pink/Massage Ball
This little ball, measuring in it at 2.5", packs on a ton of muscle realxing punch! Made of hard natural rubber, it’s useful as an intense massage ball for those extra stubborn spots. Sold individually. Buy 2 for extra relief. An ideal purchase to enhance your Stretch & Breathe classes.
Stick Roller
A deeper massage option then the roller. It gets into the knots breaking them apart quicker. Recommend use daily to relieve muscle stress and soreness. An ideal purchase to enhance your Stretch & Breathe classes.
Ideal for use in the Stretch and Breath class. If you are coming to this class each week this is the firm "pillow" you want to support you in many of the stretches. An ideal purchase to enhance your Stretch & Breathe classes, yoga and as meditation cushion.
Pilates Reformer
Is it time to get a Reformer for your home? You can buy brand new here or contact Juliet she can help you find a used Reformer for less or decide which new model if right for you. Our Zen teachers are doing online private lessons with clients on Reformers as well as mat and other Pilates pieces.
Wunda Chair
The chair is a great at home piece of original Pilates equipment. Unlike its big sister the Reformer can easily be moved and tucked away. You will get a full body workout and is wonderful for advanced moves that cannot be done on the Reformer. All of the Zen teachers are trained to teach on the Wunda chair and can offer you virtual classes from their home to yours.
Pilates Tower on the Go
Don’t have room for a Reformer this is a great alternative at a fraction of the cost and easily moves out of sight. Pilates Tower for the Home hangs over most doors and can give you a similar work out to the Reformer.
Pilates Arc
Great for a home practice, ideal for those doing private virtual lessons or that have experience using this small abdominal "torture" device. You will be surprised at how much can
Pilates Dowel
Great for posture alignment and gives a little extra for many Pilates Mat exercises moves
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Gift Cards

Gift cards are available in the following amounts with customized messages and themes.

$25, $50, $75 & $100.

If you would like a different amount then is already available you can email us and will customize to the specified amount or session package.




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