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Introducing our newest class: R.I.45

Mark your calendars!

On Monday October 2nd, our newest class, R.I.45,will launch at 10:30AM with Juliet!

R.I.45 classes will be offered throughout the week.

See the complete schedule below.

R.I.45 stands for: Reformer Intensive in 45 minutes. Get your full-body Pilates body workout on in under an hour! Move intentionally through a traditional Pilates sequencing at a tempo that will get your heart rate going. During R.I.45, your instructor will be leading the choreography from their very own Reformer. Therefore, there are only 9 student reservations available, and modifications and personal instruction may not be provided.

This is a challenging Level 2 class due to the choreography & safety. If you aren't sure if it's right for you, ask your teacher during your next visit to the studio.

This class will move you!

R.I.45 will be offered:

Monday & Wednesday: 5:30-6:15PM w/ Sara

Monday & Friday: 10:30-11:15AM w/Juliet

Tuesday & Thursday: 9:30-10:15AM w/ Chris Ann

Wednesday: 6:15-7:00AM w/Alexandra

Class Description: R.I.45 (Level 2), 45 minutes

Reformer Intensive in 45 minutes. This is an advanced level class. The teacher instructs from their own Reformer as you follow along. Students should be strong, have extensive knowledge of Pilates exercises, terminology and technique, and not have ANY injuries. Modifications will not be offered. Every class is a full body balanced workout which may include: a rigorous abdominal/core warm-up, jump-board choreography, balance work on the standing platform, short & long box routines and complex full-body exercises. This class will move at a steady, quick tempo. It is suggested that you bring water and a sweat towel.

*Note: This class is NOT SAFE or recommended for those who are: women pregnant in their 2nd and 3rd Trimester, students that are injured, or recovering from surgery or an injury. Those with any of the above listed conditions will not be permitted into class.

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