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Studio Updates due to COVID-19-as of July 1st🧤😷💕

  1. You must sign a new Waiver before taking your first class.

  2. Class size is limited to accommodate over 9-feet of distancing between the headrest of each Reformer.

  3. Your teacher will open the studio door when it is time to check in for class.

  4. Class check-in begins 5 minutes before the class starts.

  5. Class check-in, including a verbal health check and temperature reading will begin 5 minutes before the scheduled class time.

  6. Clients will enter one at a time into the foyer. No more than 2 clients at a time in the foyer.

  7. No one will be admitted to the class late. You will lose your class if you are late.

  8. Your teacher will be wearing the mandated face covering and gloves- they may also choose to wear a face shield.

  9. As of July 1st, by county/city mandate clients are required to wear a face covering and gloves while working out.

  10. Full coverage sticky socks are required. That means no toes sticking out of socks.

  11. Our loops are now covered in vinyl for easy disinfecting. You may bring your own loops.

  12. If you have traveled by plane in the previous 2 weeks, we ask that you stay home. If you have traveled, we will place your package on hold until your 2 week self-quarantine period is over.

  13. Leave your shoes in the “shoe zone”.

  14. Teachers will no longer provide hands on corrections, or cueing.

  15. Please bring your own water and sweat towel.

  16. Limit the amount/size of the personal items you bring to the studio with you.

  17. We can no longer have guests, family members, children, or pets in the waiting room. Please only come with yourself. Children cannot wait inside the studio or studio foyer while you take class.

  18. We have modified our cancelation policy from 24 hours in advance to 8 hours in advance. Our spots are limited so we ask that you give us as much notice as possible. The exception to the 8-hour policy, is if you have COVID symptoms or have come in contact with someone who has Covid, your account will be frozen for two weeks in which you will not be allowed back into the studio during this period, or until you have tested negative for COVID-19.

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