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Your Daily Move (Double Leg Stretch)

Juliet Kaska Double Leg Stretch

November's Daily Move, comes with a bigger payoff then just tightening the muscles of your back, buttocks and on to find out how it saves you MONEY!

Pilates Double Leg Stretch

  • Lay on your back

  • Exhale and curl up using your abdominals, pulling your knees in towards your chest, with your hands on your ankles. Your lower back is imprinted, it is not in neutral alignment.

  • Keep your abdominals drawn in deeply as you inhale and simultaneously reach your arms and legs long in opposite directions. Your legs externally rotated with your heels firmly pressed together. Your arms are overhead with shoulders away from your ears, and your biceps inline with ears.

  • Very important: Keep your shoulder blades off the mat, and your abdominal wall (corset) drawn in tight as you extend your arms over head.

  • On an exhale, sweep your arms around as your drag your legs back in to your chest, pulling the move from the abdominals.

  • Repeat 6-10 times

For a fit body bonus, couple this with October's Daily move, the Plank (read how to do it here).

Now you are probably wondering how does the Pilates Double Leg Stretch make you money. As a challenge, if you post a picture of yourself performing a double leg stretch while tagging our studio @jkzenfitness and hashtagging #jkzenfitness you will receive $5 off your next purchase and you will also receive the eligibility to have your photo reposted on our social media pages for the "photo of the week". At the end of the month, the client with the most creative photo will win a free class.

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