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Chris Ann Reuter-Featured Teacher December

The Essentials

Name: Chris Ann Reuter

Prefers to be called: Chris

Place of birth: San Bernardino, Lived in SoCal her entire life

Birth Date: March 31 (Aries)

Education: After completing high school Chris attended a journeyman program at Makeup Designory for a comprehensive course on Makeup and Hair styling.

Family Life: Chris is the proud momma to 13-year-old Hailey. This summer, Chris's boyfriend Armando proposed to her in Laguna Beach, they are planning to wed in the fall of 2018.

The Pilates Life

Pilates Training: Certified through Body Art Science Internationa (BASI) in 2007. Since then I have attended many seminars, conferences, workshop, including a 6-month long apprentice program with Juliet here at JK Zen Fitness. I am also certified in pre/post-natal Pilates through The Center for Women's Fitness.

Your Pilates Love Story: I did not discover Pilates until my Aunt told me she was doing Pilates to rehab after her back, after surgery. At that time my daughter was 2, and I was looking for a way to get back into shape. After my first private session I was hooked. The next morning after my first session I could hardly get out of bed my stomach was so sore. It was a love hate. Since then Pilates has become a part of my life. I can't live without it. I have never felt like I had to drag myself to a class. I am just as excited to take a class now, as I was 11 years ago.

It was my Pilates Instructor who suggested to me to that I become an Instructor. It had never crossed my mind before that. I am naturally a very shy person and never could never have imagined myself standing in front of a room having all eyes on me to lead a class. I was terrified. Which today I think clients would find that hard to believe after taking one of my classes.

I feel so lucky, I have the best job. I work in a positive and friendly environment. I get to work with amazing clients and have met so many amazing people who have inspired me and challenged me to be better every day.

Your favorite Pilates move or sequencing: I love a good glute workout. Lunges combined with side lying leg series is a killer for me every time!

Hardest Move: Teasers have always been a struggle for me!

Your ideal client: My ideal client is one who WANTS to learn the foundation of Pilates and strives to know everything there is to know, and absorbs all the information given to them and wants their form to be perfect so they get the most out of each session. I love seeing the clients progress and celebrating with them as they graduate on to the next level.

Anything else you want our community to know about you….? My daughter, Hailey, is now 13. Everday she asks me how my classes went. She also likes to sneak songs on my playlist that she thinks the clients would like to workout to. When I am not teaching I love to do my other passion which is my makeup artistry for all events. Since attending Makeup Designory I have been trained to do Microblading for the eyebrows. Eyebrows have always been so important to me because they frame the face. I would like to offer clients of Zen $75 off on microblading through March 31, 2018. You can notify the front desk if you are interested.

You can work with Chris in group classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays starting as early as 6:30AM!

Chris is also available for private lessons on Tuesday & Thursdays at 8:30AM & 11:30AM, and Tuesdays at 10:30AM. Email the front desk to book a one-on-one or duet lesson with Chris

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