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Laura Konz-Featured Teacher January

The Essentials

Name: Laura Blaise Konz

Birth Place: Plainfield, New Jersey

Raised: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Birth Date: January 7th

Happy Birthday Laura!!!!

Education: B.S. in Marketing from Smeal College of Business at

Penn State University

Laura's Pilates Life

Pilates Training: Certified here at JK Zen Fitness by our very own Juliet Kaska!

Laura's Pilates Love Story: I had come to Zen Fitness as a student number of times. I was even a "practice body" for Ava, Chris Ann & Courtney while they took Juliet's Apprentice Program in 2012! There was a part of me even then that thought I'd really enjoy teaching Pilates, but didn't think it was something I could actually pursue. When Juliet was starting her certification program in 2015, it felt like the perfect time for me to get certified. Juliet's background in fitness & her extensive Pilates knowledge are what drew me to studying with her and now teaching at JK Zen Fitness!

Laura's Favorite Pilates Move(s): I have so many favorites! Ha! Glute work & oblique work are always on the top of my list, even if I only have a few minutes to move around on the reformer. Twisted planks on a light spring with your hands on the footbar while using your obliques to pike your hips & pull the carriage in, is a go-to feel good move for me. I have some issues in my left shoulder, so bringing myself into a proper plank, opening my chest & getting strong through my shoulders always helps me relieve any discomfort there.

Laura's Trouble Spot: My hips! My hips are really tight in every directions, hip flexors and external rotators are the worst! I believe a lot of this tightness came from the 5 years I spent standing on my feet for long hours running my restaurant in Pennsylvania! That has had a huge effect on my flexibility, and range of motion in my hips.

Laura's Ideal Client: It's always really fun to work with people who enjoy focusing in on their form and specific muscle activation as they workout. The athletes I've worked with have had a really great ability to concentrate on a particular movement & dial-in to really get into that proper alignment. It's a personal thrill of mine, to watch clients execute a move with precision!

Laura's also loves....

I love taking BIG leaps of faith and creating new experiences. So, in-line with that.... drumroll.... I am, officially announcing, that I will be moving to Spain in May of 2018!!! I will miss teaching here at Zen, but feel free to jump on a plane and take classes with me in Spain!!! I'd love to hear about any of your travel, living experiences and recommendations for Spain!

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