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Letter from JK/April Newsletter

I am so thrilled for April to be here, after-all that means it is Spring time. Right? Considering I am wearing my Arcytrx puffy coat while sitting in the back yard writing this, I'd say we have a way to go. By California standards that is. I will meditate on patience this evening, in the meantime I am praying for warmer spring days soon.

We do have a lot of exciting things in this month's newsletter, and happening at Zen over the month. Our featured teacher is the effervescent Sara Lindsey who reveals to us in her feature, about her secret "other" life outside of Pilates (as if there were such a thing, silly girl!). We announce the launch of our 2018 $10 classes- and the April schedule- book early there are only 2-3 spots in each class!!! I another article I go on and on about being single, finding love, finding my authentic self and finding inspiration, or something like that. What you will find out is I am a junkie for this stuff, and how you to can discover how to live a more authentic version of your life! There is an article about the Toughest Pilates- with beautiful photos shot by a talented young photographer, Wolfie , of our lovely Zen client and teacher in training Valerie Heckle. This article will give you some insight in where this crazy stuff we call Pilates came from, and how you can do it all on your own (Shhh you don't even need us). As always, we have our monthly daily move- chosen and written up by Ms. Lindsey. Lastly, there is a spring special, we will not offer a rate lower then this for the rest of the year- so do not miss it!

April is the month of our Spring Inspiration 30 Day Challenge! I am in it- are you? You can start your 30 days any time before the 25thof April. I love doing these challenges, they always make me realize how much fitter I can be, and how much I let myself off the hook without the nudge of, "I committed to getting 20 classes in in 30 days!" Plus, Christian always designs such a darn good looking challenge T-Shirt. I am 5 days and 4 classes in to mine! How about you?

Have a wonderful weekend! See you a Reformer soon!

Fondly yours (while bundled up and praying for spring to arrive)


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