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Daily Move: Pulling Straps on the Reformer

Pulling Straps on the Reformer


Place your box in a long box position

Lay on the box prone, with your head towards the straps and risers. Your chest will be off the box. Take the loops off the pegs and slide your hands through the loops till you are holding on to the ropes, just above the hardware.

Start Position: Head and chest are bowed forward toward the head rest- feel the stretch along the back of your neck. Draw your navel towards your spine. Lift your legs, with your feet turned out in Pilates V position. Keep your legs reaching-elongating- throughout the exercise. Feel energy reaching out from the crown of your head and the tips of your toes.


On an inhale, engage your mid back and posterior shoulder muscles to sweep your arms along the side of the Reformer, bringing your arms all the way up in line with your hips. Simultaneously lift your head in line with the rest of your spine (as pictured). On the exhale, and with control lower yourself back to the start position with allowing the carriage to "crash" the bumper/stopper.


Lift into a back extension (not pictured)

Thank you to our Teacher in Training Janet for being our Daily Move model!❤️

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