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Letter from JK/September Newsletter

Bye Bye Summer! Hello 90’ summer like California fall! I am happy to say adios to the summer of 2018 it has been a doozy. The fun for me didn’t end with my mom’s stink in the hospital in June. Oh, no the good times kept on rolling in all summer long. If you care to keep following my doozy and emotional journey of being a newlywed and caring for a mother with dementia take a read of Glimmer of Hope, my follow-up to last month’s Lost Diamonds blog post.

September brings 2 new classes to the schedule:

Wednesday’s & Friday’s

8:30AM Level 2

9:30AM Level 1

It also brings the end of our 2018 Teacher Training program! We will have 10 talented women graduating at the end of the month. Thank you to everyone in our Zen community that volunteered to be a practice body for them, or signed up for trainee led PopTT-Up classes. It is in part a thanks to you that they have developed their skills in such a short amount of time. Our next Teacher Training begins September 28th, so we will be needing volunteers once again! Stay tuned!

Check out this month’s Daily Move on the Reformer- for some tips and inspiration on how to perfect your Long Stretch (Plank) on the Reformer. Modeled by our lovely client Ameena.

We also have 2 Featured Teachers again this month- one ancient (in a matter of speaking), Carola Trier, in our ongoing series Original Pilates Gangster (OPG), and one modern, present day in our Eeda Charbonneau.

Nutrition & Wellbeing: Do you take Gingko, or have you been interested in taking to improve your memory? Well take read of this article before you pick up your next bottle.

Surprise! She’s back

Xo, Juliet

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