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Welcome to the New JK Zen Teacher, Janet Raykin!

Janet is a mother, grandmother and a passionate lover of Pilates. Growing up in Russia, Janet competed in gymnastics, a sport that requires balance, strength, flexibility & coordination. Pilates was a natural move. Introduced to Pilates by Juliet Kaska and her team, Janet became a lover and advocate of Pilates exercises and principals. After being a student at JK Zen Fitness since the door opens in 2010, Janet was certified to teach by Juliet Kaska, Second Generation Master Teacher & founder of JK Zen Fitness.

Janet is looking forward to sharing her passion for pilates and transforming every body in to a Pilates Body.

Janet teaches the Community Classes, on the Reformer, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30pm!

Talk to the front desk team about booking private lessons with Janet Monday- Friday.

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