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Janet Raykin: Featured Teacher November 2018

The essentials Name: Janet Raykin

Originally from Russia, born and raised in Russia.

Birth date: September 6th. True Virgo Pilates Training: Trained and certified by Juliet Kaska at JK Zen Fitness.

Janet’s Pilates Love Story:

As a gymnast, in my youth, physical activity was part of my life. I liked pushing myself and working out hard for my whole life. As an adult, Pilates never appealed to me, I always thought Pilates could not be difficult enough- how wrong I was! By chance, in 2010, I came to one of Juliet's classes and I never left. I fell in love with Pilates almost 10 years ago and am still amazed by it! It never gets easy, it never gets boring!

Janet’s Favorite Pilates Move:

It is difficult for me to name just one. I love them all. Semi-circle is my all-time favorite. Love the way my spine feels after the move, while my gluteus, hamstrings, abdominals, arms are getting killer workout.

Janet’s Ideal client:

Janet’s Ideal Client:

Someone who's committed to learning. A good listener. A client who's excited about Pilates, we will share this! Who wants to improve not only their appearance, but their quality of life, and overall wellbeing.

Janet’s Goal as a Teacher:

Make everyone fall in love with Pilates, be more body aware and leave feeling amazing!

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