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Cheers, to a simpler New Year

Ten years ago, I got a deal that unexpectedly changed my life. After decades of doing complicated and overly-taxing workouts that ceased providing physical or emotional results, I felt overwhelmed. Then, I bought a new student 10-pack at JK Zen. Pilates' straightforward, "simple" movements provided my path to a more aligned and stronger framework which allowed me to carry on my life with greater ease, less pain and more room for goodness.

Juliet and her amazing team have since become one of my most enduring and cherished LA relationships. They've not only enhanced my physical wellness but played a part in my uncovering my greater purpose. Two years ago, I created my new career empowering others to implement small, simple shifts so they may receive greater benefits and overall harmony. (Just like Pilates.)

I transferred my operational, organizational and crisis management skills toward supporting individuals navigating everyday challenges. Together, we bring order to their homes, moves and lives. Like at JKZ, SimplifyLA clients learn to prioritize themselves through focused, recurring sessions. Over time as their clutter and stress are reduced, their wellness and joy increase.

As we begin this new year, I recommend everyone create (or update) a home inventory. It can be done gradually, over several weeks or in a one-weekend burst.


1. Let us know EXACTLY what we have, what we need, and what can be given away or sold

like duplicates, badly damaged items and those things we no longer use.

2. Ensure we have the right amount of insurance coverage.

3. Make filing claims easier if/when an emergency or disaster occurs.

Just remember to include storage units and keep a copy off-site whether in the cloud, a safety deposit box or an office.

SimplifyLA regularly creates inventories for our clients at all levels and all stages of life, as we streamline their homes. We're even becoming known for our gentle hand in helping elders hone their "sentimental clutter." Together, we generate a more refined assessment of their life's achievements, heirlooms and memories so their adult children may stay focused on

managing their already very full plates.

Want to make your life simpler? Any JKZ member who signs up for either a SimplifyLA 10-week Organizing Package or a moving package will save 20% in honor of the new year and the possibility for the space we'll create together so more simple goodness and joy may grow in our community. Redeem at or (310)903-3306.

Have a Simply Happy New Year JKZ Family!!!

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