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A Letter From JK/March Newsletter

The first weekend of March for me was like taking my body, inserting it into a cannon, and firing it off. Now I am flying high and fast for the next 6 months! Our 2018 Teacher Training and certification program started this weekend! We have 10 of the most gracious, intelligent and kind women enrolled in the program. I cannot wait to see them each blossom into the amazing teachers they are destined to be. There will be many fun opportunities for you, our clients, during the teacher training program, which takes place over the next 6 months. We will be having $10 PopTT Mat & Reformer classes taught by the trainees. We will be asking for volunteers to come to our weekend class sessions, in which I will be directing the trainees on how to work you. So, keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities. You will also begin to see up to 2 trainees sitting in on group classes completing their 75 hours of Observation hours required to get certified. I am also personally in “school” myself during this 6-month program. I enrolled in a yearlong business development course, on how to build and design your business online. My course ends 1 month after our Teacher Trainees graduate! Perfect timing! Have an amazing day! I hope to see you in the studio soon! Xo Juliet

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