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Sara Lindsey Featured Teacher April 2018

The Essentials

Name: Sara Lindsey

Place of birth: Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Raised: Ellicott City, Maryland

Birth Date: August 15th

Education: Carnegie Mellon University

The Pilates Life

Pilates Training: I completed my 500 Hour Pilates training with Juliet here at JK Zen in 2016. I was the first ever graduating class in the first ever JK Zen Teacher Training program! Originally, I studied Mat Pilates with Andrea White (a former Zen teacher), who told me about the Reformer classes at Zen, back in 2014.

Your Pilates Love Story:

I grew up dancing, acting, and playing sports, and have always been very physically-minded. Studying movement in college and pursuing acting have kept me interested in physicality and transformation. I took Mat Pilates at studios around town when I graduated college and really enjoy the mind-body connection of the exercise method. After taking a Reformer class over a Christmas holiday, I felt muscles I hadn't really known existed, which made me think... this reformer thing might be worth a shot! So, I asked my Mat teacher Andrea for a recommendation and she lead me to JK Zen Fitness. After practicing Pilates on the Reformer for about a year and a half, I lost 15 pounds without changing much else about my lifestyle and felt more confident in my body and strength than I had ever felt before! When I'd had enough of waitressing in-between acting gigs, Juliet encouraged me to pursue becoming a teacher and I haven't looked back since. Doing Pilates regularly has completely changed my body, life, and state of mind, and I love feeling strong and aware of how my body is moving through everyday life.

Your favorite Pilates move or sequencing:

The Pelvic Curl (Pelvic RollUps) I love this move because I enjoy feeling the chain of my spine from Tailbone – Waistline – Ribcage, and then widening my shoulders and thoracic spine down onto the mat. It helps me feel my vertebrae traction and the connection from the crown of my head to the base of my spine lengthen. It just feels so good, I can feel all my muscles supporting my skeletal structure, and it's great for the buns and legs too!

Your trouble spot:

Pushing myself without a teacher's eyes on me 🙂 Also chocolate

Your ideal client:

Arrives on time, prepared and ready to move, with a great sense of humor and a desire to understand the mechanics of how their body is moving during exercise and in their daily life. Also, can get down with Prince, The Police, Daft Punk, Led Zeppelin, Alison Krauss, Tom Petty, and sometimes (always) Justin Beiber, on my playlist.

Anything else you want our community to know about you….?

I lead a double life as an actress and filmmaker. Please contribute to my residuals by watching Blue Jay on Amazon Prime, or Concussion, Jack Reacher, Promised Land, Super 8, a random episode of NCIS, or by casting me in a project if you work in the entertainment industry 😉 and follow me on instagram @mssaralindsey

You can work with Sara...

Group Classes:

Sundays 11:15am and 12:15am

Mondays &Wednesdays 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm


You can also book a private or duet with her. Here are her available openings:

Tuesday evenings and various times throughout the week outside of "audition hours" :)

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